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Lashing Systems

Trailer strop or strap in orange nylon and metal tie isolated over white background. Ratch

Lashing Construction

Flat Slings are made using High-Tenacity Polyester Yarn in variety of width and thickness to suffice various load restraint systems from light to heavy. Key features are :

  • 25mm to 100mm widths, suggested as per users load restraint requirements

  • Colour-coded as per international standards for easy identification

  • Factor of safety 4:1 to 7:1

  • Maximum elongation 3 - 7%

  • Manufactured as per EN 1492 - 1:2000 and ASME Standards

Advantages of Web-based Lashing Systems

  • Light in weight, flexible and thus it is easy to handle by shop-floor staff

  • Weight is 80% less than equivalent Chain or Wire Slings

  • Can be colour coded and hence easy to identify WLL thus reducing any mishaps and accidents

  • Easy to test and is possible to visually inspect

  • Required very little space for storage thus reducing cost

  • Cost effective than other metal lifting alternatives

  • Required Zero maintenance

  • Made using High Tenacity Polyester yarn that is anti-static and high heat resistant

The sling for fastening cargoes is isolated on a white background.tie down strap ratchet.j

How to get your lashing ready?


Determine your WLL :
2MT, 3MT, 5MT, 10MT, 12MT


Determine the Length Required :
Available from 2 to 50 Meters per system


Determine you Lashing Type :
Endless or System


For System Lashing, select the Hook :
S-Hook, J-Hook, D-Links

Calculate the Perfect Product for your need?

Sling calculator helps you to determine the right sling for the load to be lifted


We also have a calculator to determine the Maximum Load Limit of the Sling when used at a particular lifting angle

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